Monday July 15 @ 6:15

Posted by Plunger : Saturday, Jul 13, 2019
Wankers and those without, now hear this, NOW HEAR THIS!!.......This weeks run starts at Willingdon and Penzance area of Confederation Park in Burnaby.Anyone wanting to stop by Holt Renfrew to buy me a nice summer hash run setting so.
The Captain

Posted by Plunger on 07/13 at 10:15 PM

hash words for June 24 from the Captain

Posted by Plunger : Friday, Jun 28, 2019
Well, I'll offer up June 24ths' run summary as it was as odd as I am.

The run started at old Buck trailhead. Finally, a run through an area never explored by the hash before. I had arrived at the parking lot just after 5 and saw the hare ,Analyzer, on all fours on the ground behind her car apparently sifting through what i assume to be "trinkets" found on her run setting or preparing her bag of run setting implements. I opted to leave her undisturbed as i preferred a nap over a natter. I mistakenly assumed she was starting to set the run which would have meant a short lively jaunt of less than an hour if she returned to the start by 6:15. You know what happens when you assume, right?

By the time 6;15 rolled around it was Mountme, I, PornoPrick, Sex With a Beast and Mr.P(a suggestion for naming him AutisSTICK surfaced). As the thin turnout became a topic of alarm, Banshee with Shagger in the girlfriends seat, drove up. The hash was going to be alright as Bheader strolled up as if "poofed" into the picture by a bottled genie and Hardon rumoured to be in transit onboard a slowboat from China. Traffic was blamed as the culprit for the lassefair turn out but the mottled truth was it was "run fear" instilled in hasher hearts by previously set Analyzer runs[she herself mused this to me as we waited].

Alas, the run began(I sound like P2 don't i?). Mountme needing to ship his male sporn to Australia(this is where illegitimate children go) left on his own to make it back early to get to the airport. So too did P2 who left early as a walker and then Banshee and Shagger announce they will walk as well and SexWAB wondered aimlessly away as she often does. Knowing Beheader was walking and Hardon intending same, poor Analyzer was struck broadside by the hand of the DeathMarch God of Plunder who shamed her for her efforts. 2 runners, yours truly and MM, crazy.

Even crazier was no circling up, intro's nor even a kick in the back of the pants, a diffused, erratic bevy of miscreants doing their own thing.

The run was a thing of beauty, in principle. Meandering trail over bridges and curvy loam trail, logs to hop, creeks to embrace, birds lively everywhere(no doubt mocking us), stairs and eventually an ocean view turnaround above Quarry Rock. It was there i felt the run should end. No sir, thats half way! I ran on, motivated by the serene and quite amazing trailscape and soon after by the fact that the days ingested goodies were making phone calls to my rectum!(dam near killed me). I saw Banshee huffing as I passed by his rickety sore carcass, Porno appearing as a hairless sasquatch sauntering unabated and steady and soon Shagger was in my crosshairs. Shagger then made comments about short cutting and he went right as I went left. That didn't work out so well for him and many minutes later I heard the cry of OnOn by a deep woods sheep pounding being that sounded like him.

By the halfway point i was seeking out forest refuges for sleeping as the run seemed now endless. I lamented for the walkers who hopefully knew how to start fires. Relier was had seeing a Mt Seymour sign and a near 3 km downhill run. Shagger commenting as to how I shot off as he neared my position, of course, had he known I was close to shitting my pants, he likely would have started walking too! I ran directly to the park outhouse and a down down of sorts was had.

The hare had fine beer and snacks though it ended like it started. Runners straggling in many hours apart, no circle or downdowns, comments of how many miles was that and a predusk emergence of a livid Hardon and sputtering Beheader. Hardon refusing a cold beer in protest only further exacerbated his lamentations. P2,SexWAB, I and Shagger regaled the evnt at the Colony and the world was once again at peace. Thanks for setting the run Analyzer but remember, nightfall is inevitable so wear a watch when run setting!
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2019 Hareline

Posted by Plunger : Friday, May 31, 2019
Jan 1 - Malice
Jan 5 - Banshee
Jan 12 - Plunger
Jan 19 - Sheep Shagger
Jan 26 - Captain Hymen Grinder
Feb 2 - M'Alice
Feb 9 - Mount Me
Feb 16 - Pylon
Feb 23 - Shagger
Mar 2 - Plunger
Mar 9 - Banshee
Mar 16 - Special Needs
Mar 25 - Banshee
Apr 1 -
Apr 8 - Mount Me
Apr 15 - Hard On
Apr 22 - Plug Pounder
Apr 29 - Pylon
May 6 - Recycled Virgin
May 13 - Beheader
May 20 - Sheep Shagger
May 27 - Banshee
June 3 - Mount Me
June 10 - Cream Puff
June 17 - Special Needs
June 24 - Analyzer
July 1 - AFI
July 8 - Plunger
July 15 - Captain
July 22 - Impailler
Posted by Plunger on 05/31 at 07:03 PM

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