Hash Words Apr 15

Posted by Plunger : Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019
The Vancouver Hash House Harriers
Run Number 1664, 32years and counting.

Hared by Hardon
Meet at 1815, at Collingwood Park at Euclid and McKinnon, Renfrew-Collingwood.

Wow, 17 hashers erect and perambulating. Well, perambulating anyway, and no less than 4 Hasherettes! Can I still say that? Or is that too #me2 to?

Hardon, hare and host.
Captain Hymen Grinder, passenger and RA.
Sheep Shagger, he drove!
Porno Prick, hi-jack.
Tranny & Moose Knuckle, the purrfect hash couple.
Sex with the Beast, lost at school.
Plunger, the Beginerby of the Enderby.
Pylon & Mr. P, looking good.
Pigeon Stool & Archer,
Recycled Virgin, time traveller.
Cream Puff,
Visiting Hasher from Scotland, couldn’t stay...
Visitor from White Rock, couldn’t stay either.
Pug Pounder, next week’s live hare.
Beheader, feeling very kneedy.

This seemed an odd location. In 25 years I don’t ever recall starting here, but it is a fascinating area, full of hopes and dreams expressed in the very personal architecture of the community and their gardens, and close to the centre of the Filipino diaspora. We were spared any rain, but it seemed cooler than one would have wished. Mr.P didn’t think it was too warm. In fact after a bit of stick throwing he sauntered over to the sanded baseball triangle and finding a large puddle laid himself in it, rising only to retrieve more sticks and to jump into his master’s car.

The trail head off to the S and then W bearing steadily the Kingsway corridor to Nanaimo before turning NE and returning towards the start on Euclid. Almost everyone was caught by the curious markings at the entrance to The John Norquay School, and a quick circle of the premises didn’t help, back to the On-On mark at the entrance to the school and a more methodical search quickly revealed the trail marching straight across the playground onto Cheyenne before rejoining Euclid for the On-In and BC at the start.

Time was slipping away so we swiftly adjourned to Chez Hardon for Down-Downs ably managed by El Capitan, followed by BBQ and apple pie. What could be better than that?

Thank you Hardon.
Next week’s hare is Pug Pounder.

On On!
Posted by Plunger on 04/16 at 08:08 PM

2019 Hareline

Posted by Plunger : Saturday, Dec 29, 2018
Jan 1 - Malice
Jan 5 - Banshee
Jan 12 - Plunger
Jan 19 - Sheep Shagger
Jan 26 - Captain Hymen Grinder
Feb 2 - M'Alice
Feb 9 - Mount Me
Feb 16 - Pylon
Feb 23 - Shagger
Mar 2 - Plunger
Mar 9 - Banshee
Mar 16 - Special Needs
Mar 25 - Banshee
Apr 1 -
Apr 8 - Mount Me
Apr 15 - Hard On
Apr 22 - Plug Pounder
Posted by Plunger on 12/29 at 07:03 PM

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