Hash Poetry by Dangler

Posted by Plunger : Wednesday, May 30, 2018
We met for a run,
luckily in the sun,
abysmal was gone,
to the print shop with song
run love was there,
with her long flowing hair,
some dude who is overrated,
left feeling deflated,
and 3D,
still has a bad knee,
shagger came late,
not sure of his fate,
we heard a rumor pylon was going to be there,
but saw neither hide nor hair,
its hard to make this crap rhyme,
when there isnt much time,
the two new people were there,
and porno wasn't
The captain consulted his charts
but landed up aground in the parking lot
banshee ran sure and swift,
but got sidetracked by the internet so malice won by a shlong
Woodwhacker wasnt there,
but the general concensus was it would be nice to see her.
beheader is still travelling the globe.
lets hope she took that left turn at italy
plunger was finally able to come
and landed up being number one !
Posted by Plunger on 05/30 at 02:58 PM

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