Hash Words for Lotus Land Nov 12

Posted by Plunger : Thursday, Nov 01, 2018
The LOTUS Land Hash House Harriers, 1st Run in 300 years.

Canadian Club & Nemo, assisted by beer guy, Missing Link, took us to Minekata Park on Monday, 12th, at 1330. Hashers thronged the parking lot 5 deep in places - mostly when lining up to get beer. Pylon & Mr.P, His Shaggerishness, Ted - virgin, Mountme and Porno Prick turned-up at the start. The hares having pre-laid the trail there were no excuses and off we went. The choices at Minekata are simple: clockwise or anti-clockwise around the lake. We went clockwise. Stunned hikers dressed in 12 multi-coloured layers of Gortex and attached to one another by lanyards In case of snow or wild fire looked askance as we plodded by - we may be slow, but compared to them we are like shooting stars. The warming afternoon sun hangs low in the sky and Shagger's belt is soon festooned with bits of his clothing: jacket, pullover, leggings, over, shirt, under shirt, etc. but fortunately he was able to contain himself and we were spared the hairy-worst. Porno managed to decapitate the wind-mirror from an ancient RV whilst throwing sticks for Mr.P, but it wasn't until later that Mountme discovered that it was occupied. Oops. On trail, Canadian Club and Nemo, abetted by Missing Link hid just below Menikata Lodge but foolishly risked discovery by peaking and sure enough they were caught red-handed.

Back to the start for the BC and Down-Downs on the sunny side of the street and finally to Orange Pub for munchies. Thank you Canadian Club and Nemo.
Posted by Plunger on 11/01 at 10:53 PM

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