Jan 5 Hash Words

Posted by Plunger : Saturday, Jan 05, 2019
The Vancouver Hash House Harriers
Run No.1685, maybe.

Hared by Banshee from Caernarfon Park at 16th & MacKenzie in Vancouver West. They can't spell, but only the Welsh care.

His excellency Shaggarish, Hardon & LargeAss, How you doin' (but only valid when accompanied by dramatic finger gesturing as per the stupidest TV programme ever broadcast), Abysmal & Impaler, Mountme, Malice, Captain Hymen Grinder, P2, Beheader and not forgetting Special Needs attended. All inchoate after long difficult Christmas celebrations.

The rain held off and the streets shone with that special salubrious effulgence that only money can lend. Banshee laid the marks in flour and green chalk, all artistically arranged to meld perfectly into our surroundings, and off we trotted. First East then back towards the park, and then South and West, and finally North towards Kitsilano. We wriggled and spun around alleys, lanes, streets, twitterns, never once on a main road except to cross them. We passed every conceivable item of Christmas detritus piled high against every back fence and a few stunned residents dressed like Russians after a hard day in the Siberian salt mines compete with Cossack Ushankas, goose down coats and rabbit fur gloves. After all, it was 12dC when we started. Meanwhile, we in T-shorts and shorts ambled along Banshee's excellent markings, back checks, falsies and so on, waiting for a hint... left or right. It was right, then left and finally paralleling Canarvon between Trutch and MacKenzie to the beer check. Porno following one of many falsies found Beheader headed purposefully in the wrong direction... the beer check hove into view on a 4-wheeled contraption towed by the hare. Plenty of refreshments but Hardon, LargeAss and How you Doin' were missing and only made it back to the start in time for Down Downs. El Capitan handled matters from there on. Hardon drank for wearing things for looking up trouser legs, How You Doin' accosted a lady on the street - the entire Hash went rigid in anticipation of the imminent arrival of a regiment of policemen, but all was well - they knew one another, thank God for that. Hardon stole the dog's bone - and tossed it into the circle. Still, at least it wasn't chicken wings with Assault & Pepper.

After successfully concluding the necessary business we adjourned to Darby's for pub fayre accompanied by suitable refreshments. A good time was had by all.

Thank you Banshee.
Next week's hare is Plunger.
Then, Shaggarish.
After that: who knows? The Captain?

On On On!
Posted by Plunger on 01/05 at 10:22 PM

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