Hash Words Jan 19

Posted by Plunger : Friday, Jan 25, 2019
Vancouver Hash House Harriers
Run No.1687, well, maybe.
1415, Saturday, 19-January-2019.

Hared by Sheep Boy, aka Shagger.
Meet at 26th and Wallace, Vancouver West.

Rong Jon, I woke up bruised and with a couple of broken ribs, but now I'm OK
Nate, visiting from Ikaluwit, winked and said Hardon is a friend...
Rubbermaid, fresh from Peru
3D, was detached, now made whole again
Maple Dick, fresh from the Hacienda
Captain Hymen Grinder, next week's hare
Goat Fucker, preparing for damned good beard trimming
Hardon, a man with a bony thumb and LargeArse
Juicy Beaver, Jakartarette
Beaver Turd, Gibsonian
Pylon, and Mr.P
Porno Prick, ah, pavement
Squid Lips, a man about to have time on his hands
Analyser, very much in the pink and about to become a North Vancouverite
Manhole, at the Dunbar
His Shaggersihness, the hare
Special Needs, on his way to a vegan dinner

Drove to Abbotsford for the Motorcycle Show before the Hash. So did 20,000 others. 20 minutes to get to Abbotsford, 1 hour to get from the TCH1 to the parking lot. 35 minutes at the show. Back to Vancouver. Takes aways: mullets, tattoos, facial hair, bellies, loud and grey, the women dressed like retired pole dancers except for the ones that are still pole dancing. Septuagenarians bestraddled honking great mo'bikes. Getting off required friends to lift the offside leg over. The whole place was full of men bouncing up and down on mo'bikes, turning the handle bars and behaving like excited 5 year olds. Reminded me of the Hash.

Shagger was using his patented birds' foot markings, 3 for a Falsie, 2 for a Back Check, 4 for a check. Off we sped towards 16th reversing course to pass within 5M of our parked cars then over to 28th and into the Endowment Lands, over a chain link fence, along the trails lined with excited walkers and their doggies, some of the marks were rubbed out, some anticipated a beer check as far East of the start as it was to the West, oops. Finally, we were all gathered at 29th and Wallace for the BC for what was undoubtedly the finest run since last week. Chips galore, beer cooler stuffed with all the right stuff and softies, LargeArse woofed and woofed and woofed, Mr.P ran about like a lumberjack on a mission. Eventually we set off for the start and Down Downs by Captain Hymen Grinder.

The Beaver family sang about Iran Jaya and we all hummed. Punishments aplenty were handed out and in no time the warmth of the Dunbar called. Special Needs ambled in before dinner with cousins. The girl sitting next to us interrupted to ask if we were hashers... her mum, Bouncing Boobs, ran with us two weeks ago.

Food appeared and was instantly ravished, fingers licked, faces filled, beers were slurped, the waitress looked on with horror as the Captain raised his salt cellar to re-live the moment of Assault and Pepper after exchanging chip missiles with Hardon, but all was well. A good time was had by all.

Well done Shagger! Thanks, mate.

Next week's hare is Captain Hymen Grinder and he is advertising a Caribou Park start.

On On On!
Posted by Plunger on 01/25 at 08:12 AM

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