Hash Words Feb 9

Posted by Plunger : Sunday, Feb 10, 2019
The Vancouver Hash House Harriers
Run No.1701

Hared by Mountme,
Meet at 1415, Saturday, 09-February-2019, in the Cates Park Lot in North Vancouver off Dollarton Highway.

Cool weather but Sub-Zero wind chill temperatures and a gorgeous sunny day didn't deter a veritable gaggle of hashers from the prospect of a run in N Vancouver. Mountme's typical modus operandi is off-pavement, scenic and well developed with trails for Walkers, Turkeys and Eagles, and so it was - 8 km, of which 2.5 k was the first Falsie, along the trails towards Deep Cove, back through Cates Park and along the new trails S of the old McKenzie Barge property then, up through Ravenwood, to the school off Mt Seymour Parkway. From there, down through new trails to the BC at the entrance to the park. Of the 15,000,000 marks Mountme claimed to have laid approximately 14,000,900 were invisible but enough remained to test the deductive reasoning of some of the world's smartest hashers, and some others. By combing the double digit IQs of the former with the singles of the latter into a coherent mass a single bibulous organism was created with sufficient capacity to keep defeet moving to a successful conclusion.

Mountme, hare, there are fifteen million marks on this run...
Sheep Shagger, s'not good but better out than in.
Goat Fucker, injured but lame and game.
Manhole, Blacker & Decker Pecker Wrecker to the fore.
Beaheader, wherefore art thou? Bugger that, where am I?
Hardon, he has the bump-gut, and enough duck down for a duvet.
Golden Showers, in town from Kamloops for a lube job.
Banshee, A Scot at heart.
Abysmal, damned peanuts.
Impaler, I am.
Low Blow, aaaah, looooove.
Do Me First, muuuuuuuuuuum!
Pylon, Antarctic adventurer.
Porno Prick & Mr.P, on loan.
Plunger, a diesel Jetta, no way!
Analyser, my car is falling apart.

P2 ra'd and everyone received their just desserts, left overs from Halloween. Porno ate his weight in Smarties - when did they invent blue Smarties? From there we adjourned to the New Raven for a feast and $3/16oz beers - can't beat that!

Good job Mountme, thanks for that. Next week's hare is Pylon, aided and abetted by Mr.P. Stay tuned, watch this channel.

On On On!
Posted by Plunger on 02/10 at 09:25 AM

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