Hash Words Run 1711

Posted by Plunger : Thursday, May 02, 2019
Vancouver Hash House Harriers
Run No.1711

Meet at 1815, Texaco Drive off Barnett Highway, N. Burnaby.
Hared by Pylon.

The definition of madness is said to be the expectation that an action results in a different outcome despite the circumstances being unchanged. This is not quite the same as a Pylon Hash where there is not an actual expectation, but instead merely the faintest hope of a different outcome. One simply has to Hash and sometimes one must take a gamble. Pylon's drummer is definitely playing a different tune, but hey, let's face it, when Pylon volunteers to set a run, then by golly gosh I'm going to run it. Well, part of it anyway. Sex with the Beast, on the other hand, still carries the scars of bramblely interventions, and she also marches to a different drummer (shhh, don't tell 'er). Anyway, sometimes it's to do with sulphur, once it was free chocolates in silver wrappers, another time it was brambles, in fact that was more than once, and sometimes it's the bog that nearly claimed Pigeon Stool, or maybe it was the time when the entire Hash of 35 hounds converged from five different directions at the top of North Road... drawing the laconic response from Pylon, "yup, I ran out of flour." I can think of others. But, this time it was pink chalk and potash.

And, so it was that Hardon, Goat Fucker and Porno Prick took advice from the hare, while the rest, Banshee, Mountme, Shagger, Recycled Virgin, Moose Knuckle, Tranny, and Special Needs, set off above the Barnett Highway and returned below the Barnett Highway, including 4 km of road, leaving 5.7 km on trails of one kind or another, except Sex with the Beast who set her own trail.

We did wonder about the use of so much pink - Is this a fashion statement or simply sensible repurposing? We may never know.

By a strange fluke Hardon, Goat Fucker and Porno walked right into the beer check, and immediately set about building a beach fire utilizing some convenient 15 foot timbers and by rummaging in the underbrush before Mr.P arrived. After a while the hare materialized with beer and Mr.P and not long after that the hounds started to trickle in. In addition to 48 cans of Kokanee there were two bags of crisps, and interesting softees.

We lounged happily at the beach listening to tid-bits of conversation mostly about he 4K+ on the road. The fire burned bright but alas that moment arrived and we filed off the beach and along Barney Marine Foreshore Park to the old Texaco property. The circle coalesced more slowly than usual but suitable punishments and rewards were meted-out. Mr.P and LargeArse provided onomatopoeic resonance and P2 provided commentary. Moose Knuckle and Tranny drank for exchanging clothing and arriving late at the circle, Special Needs for being himself, Hardon for his LargeArse, and so on until everyone received their just desserts, and even Recycled Virgin got s couple of patches - not for repair of maidenhead but for her happy coat.

Well done Pylon, thank you.
Next week's hare is Beheader, and Shagger the week after that.

On On!
Your scribe,

Posted by Plunger on 05/02 at 09:28 PM

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