Jan 12 Hash Words

Posted by Plunger : Saturday, Jan 12, 2019
VH3 Run No.1696, or something like that.
Hared by Plunger, 1415, Saturday, 12th January, 2019.
Meeting place, off Eagle Mountain Drive by Scott Creek, North Coquitlam.

Captain Hymen Grinder
Cream Puff
Liquor canoe, Bellingham
Missing Link
Hardon & LargeAss
Sex with the Beast
Sheep Shagger
Canadian Club
Shit on my Face, Bellingham
Porno Prick & Mr.P

Dyeus Phter smiled kindly On On us. The Eagle was 12.4 km from start to finish with a 4 km Turkey for the others. Although entirely under the coniferous canopy sunlight speckled the sylvan setting, glossy streams of clear cool water bubbled happily over round rocks and hand carved baulks of soft wood mounted on pine trunks allowed us to cross at least 8 streams with dry feet. We ascended around 400 M to the NW before cresting a spur and slowly turning S and then SE, down towards the pylon route. The trail led across the pylon trail meeting the Eagle Mountain Drive sub-division at its NW tip, up onto another spur and the the BC well serviced with copious quantities of the amber nectar... and yes, water and soft drinks.

Missing Link and a Canadian Club went missing and were never seen again, and finally Nemo hurtled off to retrieve them and then they were all missing. Malice followed a back check to the end and never made up the lost ground. The Captain started late and poor Hardon was like Gramma' upon hearing that a favourite nephew was a bouncer in a whorehouse - even LargeAss could feel the strange vibes, he stopped barking. 3D provided commentary. The Captain eventually returned only to learn that a birds arsehole is a Cloaca. Of course, at first, everyone thought it must be a reference to making a Japanese flag of a birds ass, but Hardon explained that he was referring to an avian's arsehole we were simply gobsmacked by his great depth of knowledge. Somehow, we had thought this pool was quite shallow, but there is indeed a deep-end protected by a great fur hat. Down Downs were handled by Shagger, the Visitors sang long rugby songs with admirable time keeping and in-tune, while we did our usual finger gesturing and a few four line choruses in voices ranging from the warble to the quaver.

At last the fun was over and done, and off we went to the St.Jame's Well which was positively bursting with imbibers. An excellent hash and next weeks will be hared by his Excellency, Shaggarish.

Thank you Plunger!

On On!
Posted by Plunger on 01/12 at 08:56 PM

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